Are you eligible for the Homestead Real Estate Property Exemption?

The Homestead Real Estate Property Exemption is a reduction in property taxes to qualified Ohio citizens. There are two exemptions available. The first one is available to homeowners’ age 65 or older or permanently and totally disabled. The other is for disabled veterans.

Senior or disabled homeowners must:

  • Own and occupy the home as their primary residence
  • Be 65 years or older in the year they apply or disabled as of January 1 in the year they apply as certified by licensed physician or letter from an authorized agent
  • Be a surviving spouse of a person receiving the exemption at the time of death and be at least 59 years old
  • Have adjusted gross income (for Ohio income tax purposes) not exceeding $31,800 (applicant and spouse) for the 2017 application period (adjusted annually for inflation)
  • The senior/disabled exemption reduces the assessed value by $25,000.

To qualify, a homeowner must:

  • Own and occupy the home as their primary residence
  • Be a veteran of the Armed Forces of the United States
  • Has been discharged from active duty under honorable conditions and
  • Received a 100% disability rating for a service-connected disability
  • The enhanced exemption for disabled veterans reduces the value by $50,000.

Contact your county’s fiscal officer’s office or visit their website for additional information on both of these exemptions as well as to obtain the applications to apply.