How do I use low interest rates to my tax advantage?

Jun. 28, 2017

Certain planning techniques involve the use of interest rates to value interests being transferred to charity or to private beneficiaries. While the use of these techniques does not necessarily depend […]

What are passive losses?

Jun. 26, 2017

Individuals, trusts, estates, personal service corporations and closely held C corporations may only deduct passive activities losses from passive activity income. The rules do not apply to S corporations and […]

How do I safeguard against natural disasters?

Jun. 22, 2017

IRS released a number a tax tips, reminders, and other advice to help taxpayers weather the storm of natural disasters and similar emergencies. The underlying theme for all IRS “tax […]

Rental income and expenses

Jun. 13, 2017

There are several things to consider when you are the owner of a rental property. As the owner, you want to take advantage of any expenses that you can deduct. […]

Business meals and entertainment: how to maximize tax deductions

Jun. 09, 2017

Many businesses consider the occasional wining and dining of customers and clients just to stay in touch with them to be a necessary cost of doing business. The same goes […]

Key nonprofit issues to be aware of

Jun. 07, 2017

While there are always issues that affect nonprofit organizations, this year there are some that really stand out and should be taken seriously.  One issue is cybersecurity. With more activity […]

Annual filings for Ohio tax-exempt organizations

Jun. 01, 2017

The regulation of nonprofits is essential to donors, volunteers, grant agencies, and communities. This helps prevent fraud and provide confidence to donors. The filings are public record and available for […]

Plan administrators: What not to overlook with enrollment forms

May. 23, 2017

Have you considered everything that there is about employee benefit plan enrollment forms?  Well, consider this. All of us are aware that being prudent when it comes to administering employee […]

What are my odds of being audited?

May. 19, 2017

The IRS reports that the audit coverage rates are at low levels. In fact, the rate for individuals fell 16 percent from FY 2015 to FY 2016. The 0.7 percent […]

When must individuals pay estimated taxes?

May. 02, 2017

Are you self-employed or have income derived from sources other than employment? Have you wondered, “when must individuals pay estimated taxes?” Several federal income taxes are paid from money that […]