Secure Client File Transfer Options

We take file security very seriously at Walthall CPAs. As such, we offer three different options for secure file transfer. Please select the one that best suits your needs. 

Secure Client Portal

Our web-based application option that allows for the encrypted, bi-directional transmission and storage of electronic data. In other words, you have instant access to documents and information wherever you want. A portal is a secure area where files can be uploaded, downloaded, stored temporarily, and shared in a safe and secure environment — 24/7.

Encrypted Email

When utilizing Message Encryption by Microsoft Office 365, emails are sent directly, and securely, to or from your Walthall contact.  

LeapFILE Secure File Transfer

Simple and secure file delivery that allows you to send or receive files from Walthall. No account is necessary and each transaction produces temporary passwords and instant acknowledgement of transfer. All transfers are confidential and SSL encrypted.