Manufacturing and Distribution

Our manufacturing and distribution group has a keen understanding of their industry and the challenges affecting it. Between volatile prices, competition, technology, and government regulations, it is a complicated environment. Having an adviser who has the insight to help your company operate efficiently, competitively, and profitably, is crucial. 

From finding complex tax credits to developing a profit improvement process, we offer a wide range of strategic solutions beyond traditional tax and assurance, including

Helping clients with:

Accounting services

  • Audits, reviews and compilations of financial statements
  • Cost-based accounting design, analysis and interpretation
  • Overhead cost allocation analysis
  • Fixed asset accounting
  • Pricing techniques and analysis
  • Cost variance analysis
  • Ratio analysis

Comprehensive tax services

  • Income tax planning and return preparation
  • Sales and use tax
  • LIFO inventory issues
  • Multi-date tax issues
  • Local tax issues
  • 263A inventory capitalization  calculation
  • Credits and incentives
  • IRS representation
  • Estate and gift planning
  • Minimizing multi-state tax burden
  • International taxation
  • Cost segregation studies
  • Cross-border transaction (ICDISC)

Consulting services

  • Forecasts and projections
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Inventory costing and rate analysis
  • Industry benchmarking analysis
  • Fraud detection and deterrence
  • QuickBooks consulting
  • Performance measurement
  • Operational assessments
  • Profit enhancement and cost reduction

Business advisory

  • Strategic planning
  • Due diligence–Merger and acquisition consultation
  • Financing assistance
  • Business formation and entity selection
  • Business valuation and succession planning
  • Executive compensation planning

Do you qualify for the R&D tax credit? Many manufacturers do. Ask the expert