Business Valuation

Whether you are selling or buying a business, planning your estate, or settling a dispute, it is critical to have a professional, objective valuation from a firm that that to will stand behind its opinion. We work closely with business owners, attorneys, and advisers to deliver a fresh unbiased view, and well-documented, objective valuations of everything from business interests to shareholder disputes. Valuations are a complex process and demand specialists who have the knowledge and expertise to perform a thorough valuation that will hold up to the IRS or in litigation. 

Our team of business valuation specialists are happy to assist with this process as well as:


Business valuation help with estate planning

  • Help your clients meet IRS estate and gift tax compliance requirements
  • Determine gift and estate tax liability
  • Calculate estate tax payments
  • Value all types of closely held stock, tangible assets, and intangible property that may be transferred to a trust/family limited partnership or other forms of business entities