Estate Planning

Estate planning is a vital component to every financial plan. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked, which not only wastes money but causes much emotional stress. Proper advance planning and action requires specialized knowledge. Our team of specialists work together with your other advisers

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to structure your estate in the best possible way to minimize estate taxes and probate costs, and maximize the portion of your estate you pass to your heirs. We will not only help develop a plan but help implement and monitor it.

Today’s complex business and tax environment has made accumulating, preserving, and disposing of wealth more difficult than ever. Effective planning is crucial to preserve the wealth you worked so hard for. With inflated values, even an estate of modest value today could become sizable by the time of your death. The goal is to minimize the tax burden on your estate so your beneficiaries receive everything the law allows.

Our services go beyond planning. We prepare the various tax returns and perform estate valuations. With your solid business and management backgrounds, along with our estate planning expertise, we will make sound, objective recommendations that will work for you. 

We help our clients with:                                       epcc

  • Estate structure
  • Estate transfer procedure
  • Property management plan
  • IRA and pension asset distribution
  • Gifting
  • Gift, trust, and estate tax returns

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