Behind the Logo

Our new logo reflects our vision and symbolizes many principles that drive our firm.



1) Walthall – our name is short, simple, and easy to remember. We kept our legacy color of blue, which stands for truth, loyalty, and trust. These words embody the traits of our accounting firm.

2) The Circle W logomark is the keystone of our visual identity. The “W” is made of two check marks, which stands for accuracy and results. 

  • The outer ring signifies the “Circle of Life” journey of our clients. In many instances, our firm is responsible to help guide our clients’ family business or closely held business from one generation to the next. We help clients through all stages of their business and life. The green stands for prosperity and growth, which come from our services and counsel.
  • The inner circle symbolizes Walthall’s diverse offering of professional services that can make a positive impact on our clients’ businesses and family. It is our pledge to go “full circle” for our clients and provide a spectrum of expertise.
  • The concept of two circles also symbolizes our internal business model that we are both client-focused and employee-centric. We are dedicated to the successes of both core groups who have made us what we are today.
  • The green circle is not closed; it is slightly open in the upper right. The tip of the W that breaks through the ring represents growth, as well as our organizational goal to burst through and rise above — exceeding expectations. We aim to do this through superior communication, stellar service, and recruiting of the best talent in our region.

You will also notice the colors turquoise, purple, and grey in our branding. These colors were added to our palette because of what they stand for:

  • Turquoise – open communication, another key trait in our successful relationships
  • Gray – security and reliability, which our clients rely on us for as trusted advisers
  • Purple – stability, energy, ambition, and wisdom, which describes both our clients and our employees